Western Grands Schedule
Schedule is preliminary and will be revised periodically leading up to July.

Download Schedule Here

April 15   Early Registration Opens, 6:00 PM Pacific
June 22   Driver Profiles Due
June 30   Early Registration Closes
July 14 – 23   Track Blackout – No Practice
Friday July 21st   Track & Parking Preparation

Saturday July 22nd

  WQMA Membership Parking (8am)
      (must have completed volunteer hours requirement)
  Vendor, Volunteer & VIP Parking (2pm)
Sunday July 23rd   General QMA Membership Parking (8am)
  Safety & Sign In (12 - 6pm)

Monday July 24th

  Safety & Sign In (8 - 4pm)
  8:00am Pit Meeting
  Controlled Practice (Two rounds)
  6:00pm Welcome Dinner

Tuesday July 25th

  Safety & Sign In (Exception only)
  8:00am Pit Meeting
  8:30am Qualifying (Novice, All classes)

Wednesday July 26th

  8:00am Pit Meeting
  9:00am Heats (& some lower mains if time

Thursday July 27th

  8:00am Pit Meeting
  8:30am Novice Races
  10:00am Opening Ceremonies
  11:00am Lower Mains
  End of Day Trophy Presentations – Main Stage

Friday July 28th

  8:00am Pit Meeting
  8:30am Lower Mains
  End of Day Trophy Presentations – Main Stage

Saturday July 29th

  8:00am Pit Meeting
  8:45am A Mains & Tech
  Awards & Celebration / Champions Party
Sunday July 30th   <Rain Day if needed>