Western Grands Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers Needed! We need help planning now, and will need many volunteers during the event next year. Whether you have publicity experience, kitchen experience, or just clean-up experience, we can find a place for you!

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Volunteer Opportunities

Grands Core Committee    Awards and Recognition Committee 
Sponsorship Committee    Events and Activities Committee 
Budget Committee    
    Food and Beverage Committee 
Publicity Coordinator    Cafe Manager 
Program Coordinators   Novelties Sales Coordinator 


Grands Week:
Daily Event Manager/Lead    Track Prep & Maintenance 
Facilities Lead    Practice Assistants 
AV and Equipment Lead                
EMT Coordinator    Pit Steward 
    Corner Workers 
Fire Protection Administrator    Scale Shack
Camping Area Administrator    Fueling  
Parking Assistants / Enforcement     
Safety and Security Coordinator   Welcome Dinner
    Speedway Cafe
Photographers    Novelties Sales
Housekeeping   Awards and Recognition 
Trash and Cleanup    
Registration   Kid Event Assistants 
Lap Counter/Score Keeper    Childcare