WQMA's Wild Wild West
August 3rd & 4th, 2019

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    Available June 14th through July 19th

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WQMA’s Club Race No. 8 will be a special event you won’t want to miss! Grab your boots and cowboy hat and get ready to whoop it up at the Wild, Wild West! This will be a whole weekend of Western fun and racing for the whole family! Drivers, handlers, parents, and race officials: dress up, decorate your trailer, and revel in the spirit of the Wild, Wild West!

Starting on Saturday afternoon, there will be a catered Western BBQ and games including a Mechanical Bull and Inflatable Horse Races for the kids.



Sunday is Race Day with a Heats Format (transponders available - $5 rental). Jackets will be awarded to A Main winners! Special awards for best dressed cowpokes and other fun awards. To top it off, a TV film crew will be on hand to record the fun.

The $20/car registration fee includes an event T-shirt for each pre-registered driver. Additional event shirts are available for $10 (youth sizes) or $15 (adult sizes). Only a limited number and sizes of shirts will be available for purchase on Race Day.

Saturday's BBQ Dinner: Tickets are $10 for a family of 4; $5 for each extra ticket.


Pre-registration closed on Friday, July 19th at 11:59pm with 121 cars pre-registered for the event! If you did not pre-register, don't worry! You can still come and register at the event on Saturday, August 3rd or the morning of Sunday, August 4th. We cannot guarantee the availability of extra event shirts or BBQ tickets for on-site registrations.

ClassCar Count
Junior Novice16
Senior Novice4
Junior Honda17
Senior Honda17
Heavy Honda10
Light 16012
Heavy 16011
Junior Animal10
Senior Animal7
Heavy Animal4
Light World Formula6
Heavy World Formula4
Junior Stock3

Event Schedule

The schedule of events for the Wild Wild West is indicated below:

Friday12:00pmOpen for Non-WQMA Member Parking
Open Practice
Saturday9:00am - Completed(1:00pm)Work Party for Setup
(Work End: 1:00pm) - 3:00pmControlled Practice
3:00pmTrack Closure
Safety Opens
3:30pmRegistration Opens
4:00pm - 5:00pmGames Begin
4:00pmTwo-Step Western Dancing
4:00pm - 6:00pmWestern QM Car Show
5:00pmSponsored BBQ
Saturday Safety & Registration Close
8:00pmGames Close
Sunday7:00am - 8:30amSafety
7:30am - 8:30amRegistration
8:45amPit Meeting
9:00amHeats & Mains

Fun Awards

In addition to the A Main 1st through 4th place trophies, a number of other "fun awards" are being given:
  • Best Dressed Family, Handler or Driver
  • Best Bull Sh..- ah, Rider (longest lasting Adult Rider)
  • Best Western Pit area
  • Best Western car
  • Wild, Wild West - Sundance Kid - (Head Judge / Race Director’s call on the Driver that overcame some adversity and stayed focused or demonstrated exceptional skill regardless of the outcome. It can be, but not necessarily a Hard Charger; can also factor in sportsmanship.)

Quarter Midget Western Car Show

Ok Driver’s: Dad may work on the car to make it go fast, but it’s still your Ride. Now it’s time to use your imagination and dress it up. If you were a cowboy, or someone out in the Wild West, what would your car look like?

Saturday Afternoon from 4 to 6pm, bring your dressed up car to area by the big tires across from the Scale House. Be sure to have your name on the car or pit cart so we know which cowboy it belongs to. An Award will be given for the most creative and Wild West decorated car.

After the Show please remove all decorations for racing on Sunday, thank you!

Best Western Handler / Family / Driver

Hey you Desperados! Sunday is race day! Are you ready for some Wild West Racing? Handlers, Families and Drivers, individually or together, can get into the act, although Driver’s will have to be in their racing gear to go onto the track. Are you a Gang of Highway Men looking for Train or Stage Coach to rob? Prospector’s looking for the Lost Dutchman Mine? A Sheriff and Posse? Our roving Judge will pick the Best!

Best Bull Sh... Rider

Gather ‘round all you Dudes and Cowpoke’s, ready to mess with the Bull? There may not be horns to watch for, but can you hang on? At a pre-determined setting, the adult who can last the longest wins! No Bull!

Please make sure you have signed your waiver and have your hand stamp before you climb aboard, Yeee Haww!!

Best Western Pit Area

This is ain’t no stinkin’ Holiday Inn! It may be a working Pit area, but it’s your corral. Be creative and show our roving Judge that your pit has the most Wild West spirit!

Judging will take place Saturday afternoon 4-6 pm, just in case it gets hit by a stampede on Sunday…

Wild West Sundance Kid

This is 100% on and around the race track.

The Head Judge and Race Director will confer and select the Driver that overcame some adversity and stayed focused or demonstrated exceptional skill regardless of the outcome. Similar to a Hard Charger, a driver that advances from the lowest Main to the A, but that is not the only consideration. Sportsmanship and determination are also factors.

All Awards will be announced at the Award Ceremony after racing on Sunday!


1. August 3rd and 4th? Is this a Two Day Race?

No, but it IS two days of fun! Starting Saturday afternoon after 3:30 pm and after your car has been Safety’d and your Registration is complete, it’s time to have some fun! Drivers can decorate their car for a QM Western Car Show; there will be Hippity Hop Horse races, a Mechanical Bull, a BBQ Dinner with Outlaw Catering and a 50/50 Raffle. Afterwards there will be some Two-Step Country Western Dancing. Sunday is the scheduled race with a Heats and Mains Format with the standard number of laps for both for Junior and Senior classes.

2. What do I need to do for a 'Wild, Wild West' Race?

All you need is have some Wild West fun and feel free to dress the part: Jesse James or the Apple Dumpling Gang, it doesn’t matter! We will decorate the track with a western theme and our track officials and buildings will have new titles for the day. For example, the Race Director will now be the ‘Sheriff’ and the Tech Director will be our very own ‘Old Prospector Stinky Pete’; The Speedway Café will become the ‘Saloon” and the Tower will be the ‘Town Hall’. We will have fun awards for Best Dressed Western Family, Handler or Driver; Best Western Car for the Saturday QM Car Show and Best Western Pit area. So, roundup your Desperados, grab your hat and get into the spirit of the Old West!

3. Do I have to Pre-Register to race?

No, however, the Pre-Registration includes a free event T-shirt for your Driver and allows you get tickets for the Saturday BBQ. We will try to have shirts available for sale but cannot guarantee all sizes will be available. We also cannot guarantee there will be any extra BBQ tickets will be available Saturday night, either. This is a regular WQMA Club race and you can still register at our special early time on Saturday between 3:30 and 5pm or Sunday morning. You can pay at the time you Pre-Register on-line, or when you complete Registration with your Safety Sheet and have signed all the required waivers.

4. Waivers? What Waivers??

Ah yes, the paperwork: In addition to the usual Race Day QMA Waivers, if this is the first time this year you have raced at WQMA, the Evergreen State Fairgrounds requires an annual waiver must be signed to participate. There is a separate waiver if you want to ride the Mechanical Bull – don’t forget to get the hand-stamp as proof it was signed before you leave Registration. Finally, will be a waiver for film crew for the Reality TV Show “Cash Cowboys” of the POP Network who will be on-site recording the fun. There is no guarantee that any video of the event will be used in the show, but it could and this is standard practice. We appreciate your cooperation with having all of this completed at Registration.

5. After the QM Western Car Show Saturday, can Drivers then race in their decorated cars on Sunday?

No. Under QMA Rules and common sense, the decorations must be removed before racing on Sunday. It’s not safe to have items fly off during a race and potentially cause an incident. Decals are a possible exception as they should securely stay on the car, but please be prepared to remove anything the Pit Boss believes is a hazard before pushing off on Sunday. Thank you for understanding.

6. Can kids ride the Mechanical Bull?

Yes! The speed of the Bull is controlled by the operator and can be slowed for most kids, but understand that some may still be too young to ride safely. Please be sure to sign the waiver and obtain a hand stamp as proof you have done so: No stamp, no Bull! If you have a medical condition or injury that may put you at risk of further injury, you should skip the Bull and cheer on the brave souls who want all the Bull they can handle.

7. When can I park at the track and practice?

You can park as usual, but if you park early and leave your trailer unattended, please remember that the parking area is not secured and it will be at your own risk. Parking is limited to the lots on the South and North sides of the track. These areas must be filled before anyone can be allowed to park in the Fairgrounds lot. Evergreen Speedway is hosting the Rory Price Memorial Race Saturday and the big lot will be busy. A section of the north lot – the area on the north side of the access lane - will be reserved for the sponsors and film crew, so please do not park there or the two reserved spots also on the north side of the track.

Non—club members can practice when a club member is present. Please make sure that safety equipment is present and available trackside. Friday may be the best day to practice. On Saturday, the track will be closed from 9 am to 1pm for a Work Party. We will open the track as soon as we can for semi-controlled practice – up to 5 cars of a similar class, 3 minutes at a time - so that everyone has a chance to get on the track. The track then closes at 3 pm for set-up of the games and BBQ. We will try to re-open the track after the festivities, but the track must close by our 10 pm curfew.

8. Hey, the Region Race is the following week; can I leave my trailer?

Yes you can, but please remember that the parking area is not secured and it will be at your own risk.

9. How will the Jackets for the winners work?

For all classes with 4 or more cars, Drivers who place 1st – through 3rd are eligible for a jacket with an event logo on the back with Driver Name, Class and Place on the front. This includes the Junior and Senior Novice Classes. If your Driver places in more than one class, that will also be added to the front; multiple jackets will not be awarded. A representative will be at the track with sample jackets to determine size and collect the information. We hope to have the finished jackets ready for distribution within a reasonable period of time and will contact you if needed. We will also have special A Main trophies to 4th place.


Any other questions? Please contact us by e-mail at: andyhonka@comcast.net and we will get you an answer.

‘Git Ready to WHOOP it up at WQMA’s Wild, Wild West!!

Thank you to our Event Sponsors!