Points, Awards & Track Records

WQMA 2018 Final Points Results
  Jr. Novice Lt. 160 Mod Jr. Stock
  Sr. Novice Hvy. 160 Lt. WF  
  Jr. Honda Jr. Animal Hvy. WF  
  Sr. Honda Sr. Animal    
  Hvy. Honda Hvy. Animal    


Congratulations to our 2018 Club Points Champions!

Junior Honda
1st:Levi Hillier
2nd:Tanner Stark
3rd:Damien Harriss
4th:Austyn Gillard

Heavy 160
1st:Ty Smith
2nd:Rylee Daugherty
3rd:Becky Geary
4th:Hunter Lewis

Light World Formula
1st:Dominic Carter
2nd:Gene Ferrara
Senior Honda
1st:Dominic Carter
2nd:Kyle Lang
3rd:Zoey Tupper
4th:Braeden Wagar

Junior Animal
1st:Levi Hillier
2nd:Damien Harriss
3rd:Tanner Stark
4th:Austyn Gillard
Heavy Honda
1st:Ty Smith
2nd:Deacon Postle
3rd:Dakoda Harrison
4th:Malia Bryant

Senior Animal
1st:Braeden Wagar
2nd:Kyle Lang
3rd:Conner Caniparoli
4th:Gavin Bennett
Light 160
1st:Dominic Carter
2nd:Braeden Wagar
3rd:Kyle Lang
4th:Samantha Schwarz

Heavy Animal
1st:Ty Smith
2nd:Tyler Conley


Track Records               Updated 11/5/18
*Novice track record-holders are recognized on a non-competitive basis. These are not official records.

Jr. Novice: Hayson Johnston
Sr. Novice: Kaylee Decker
Jr. Honda: Jayden Luse
Sr. Honda: Dominic Carter
Hvy. Honda: Daytona Spicola
Lt. 160: Dominic Carter
Hvy. 160: Ty Smith
Jr. Animal: Braeden Wagar
Sr. Animal: Braeden Wagar
Hvy. Animal: Bryce Bezanson
Jr. Stock: Destry Miller
Mod: Cassidy Hinds
B Class: Madelyn Gjerness
Light WF: Owen Rudick
Heavy WF: Austin Lassiter
AA/Mod WF: Tyler Conley
Half: Cole Alton


Perpetual Award Winners through 2018

Jr Rookie of the Year
1984 Jason Arrington 1994 Tyler Bruskland 2004 Chance Crum 2014 Peyton Drake
1985 Jon Millette 1995 Greg Thornhill 2005 Chase Ostman 2015 Jayden Luse
1986 Joseph Lloyd 1996 Brandon Glenn 2006 Peyton Reed 2016 Madelyn Grantham
1987 Chad Hillier 1997 Kirk Barber 2007 Tanner Holm 2017 Austyn Gillard    
1988 Gary Taylor 1998 Derek VanWhye 2008 Ben Ferrara 2018 Colton Knapp    
1989 Nick Evans 1999 Alex Craig 2009 Alye Edson    
1990 Tim White 2000 Haley Carey 2010 Tyler Conley    
1991 Nick Powers 2001 Rachel VanKopp 2011 CeJay Adkins    
1992 Travis Kraft 2002 Emily Spencer 2012 Cody Kooy    
1993 Nathan Powers 2003 Rachael Muck 2013 Megan Roberts    


Sr Rookie of the Year
1979Mike Kash
1980Sonja Tonnessen
1981Lenny Norgren
1982Wade Stringer
1983Bobbie Burkett
1984Aaron Millette
1985Jay Jay Flaming
1986Randy Geary
1987Jill Snyder
1987Becky Hillyer
1988Ryan Gremersson
1990Jason Conrad
1991Justin DeWitt
1992Travis Dills
1995Ricky Henerson
1996Alyssa Hartwell
1997Jared Alseth
1998Rowan Carey
1999Matt Lunstrom
2000Lucinda Kantel
2001Shain Cannon
2002Stephen Foster
2003Brooke Gardner
2004Jack McGeehan
2005Kari Hanson
2005Darren Suit
2006Andi Price
2007Tyler Williamson
2008Cameron Neisinger
2009Madison Ogden
2010Kassie LaBree
2011Ryley Mayer
2012Joshua Gjerness
2013Bailey Jean Suchich
2014Bryce Bezanson
2015Ty Smith
2016Ian Watson
2017Jacob Boudreaux
2018Kaylee Decker


Most Improved Driver
  Was there a driver that surprised you as the race season progressed?  This award reflects the individual who you feel has made the most improvement throughout the racing season and should be recognized for this accomplishment.

1983 Krisitian Tonnessen 1993 Melanie Stiles 2002 Rachel Van Kopp 2012 Candace Loftus
1984 Ryan Brow 1994 Travis Jacobson 2003 Colton Price 2013 Alex Gouy
1985 Ryan Ridley 1995 Nathan Powers 2004 Amanda Price 2014 AJ Loftus
1986 Don Holms 1996 Martin Pauls 2005 Chance Crum  2015 Haley Belew
1987 Matt Draisey 1997 Joey Scesteri 2006 Hannah Lindquist 2016 Aidan Messmer
1988 Jason Bauck 1998 Angela Jennings 2007 Chad Fitzpatrick 2017 Madelyn Gjerness
1989 Beth Daisey 1999 Colton Heath 2008 Victor Graves 2018 Madelyn Gjerness
1990 Matt Zimmerman 1999 Catherine Spencer 2009 Brianna Walker    
1991 Tabitha White 2000 Natalie Spencer 2010 Carson Rose    
1992 Kevin Matthews 2001 Chad Sinner 2011 Gabe LaBree    


Hard Luck Award
  They try their best and work hard every race but as luck would have it they never seem to finish well. This could be due to other drivers, the set-up from the handler, or just the force of nature. The finish position of this driver doesn’t reflect their true potential.

1990 Dennis Conrad 2000 Mark Keith 2010 Chase Walker
1991 Jim Ebey 2001 Sondra Spencer 2011 Donald Fagerlie
1992 Jeremy Blake 2002 Rebekah Miller 2012 Michael Kolbet
1993 Rene White 2003 Jennifer Campbell 2013 Haley Belew
1994 Kenny White 2004 Dustin Walker 2014 Genevieve Feagin
1995 Martin Paul 2005 Rachel Van Kopp 2015 Malia Bryant
1996 Dustin O'Bryan 2006 Dustin Walker 2015 Dodge Smirz
1997 Mark Keith 2007 Kyle Broullet 2016 Matthew Jenkins
1998 Alyssa Hartwell 2008 Davey Klingman 2017 Matthew Roberts
1999 Shane Broers 2009 Rachel Muck 2018 Rylee Daugherty


Sportsman of the Year
  At the end of every race event this individual can be found congratulating others for their competition and achievement throughout a race. This award also reflects the driver that is always found in the hot chute wishing others the best of luck. Whether it is on the racetrack or off the track, before or after a race, this driver emulates the true spirit of racing and the love of the sport!

1970 Betty Wilson 1983 Greg Rosenwald 1996 Nick Carey 2009 Hannah Lindquist
1971 Tim Feeney 1984 A.j. Saydam 1997 Chase Fifield 2010 Kaitlyn Hammer
1972 Christofer Fowler 1985 Beth Draisey 1998 Colton Heath 2011 Colton Price
1973 Aaron Smith 1986 Kevin Hamlin 1999 Rebekah Miller 2012 Breanna Brostrom
1974 Rick Moss 1987 Gary Taylor 2000 Matt Stone 2013 Breanna Brostrom
1975 Tracy Roberts 1988 Nick Evans 2001 Zach Mauden 2014 Candace Loftus
1976 Mike Laughlin 1989 Avery Stites 2002 Matt Stone 2014 Gavin Belew
1977 J.R. Ray 1990 Nick Powers 2003 Garrett Gardner 2014 Cameron Neisinger
1978 Tracy Roberts 1991 Nick Powers 2004 Shelby Minor-Ball 2015 Dana Geary
1979 Tracy Roberts 1992 Nick Powers 2005 Garrett Gardner 2016 Royce Fleischaker
1980 Mike Porter 1993 Nathan Powers 2006 Rachel Muck 2017 AJ Loftus
1981 Kristian Tonnessen 1994 Greg Thornhill 2007 Rachel Van Kopp 2018 Tanner Stark
1982 Samantha Feagin 1995 Eric Turner 2008 Rachel Van Kopp    


Family of the Year
  This award reflects the family that has contributed the most to our club throughout the year as shown through their participation, spirit, and support throughout all of our many activities. This includes work parties, car shows, 50/50 raffles at the speedway, ride day, and of course the instrumental efforts made to continue to make our track the best in QMA!

1995 The Powers 2001 The Heaths 2007 The Walkers 2013 The Neisingers
1996 The Thornhills 2002 The Klingmans 2008 The Walkers 2014 The Neisingers
1997 the O'Bryans 2003 The Beck/Gardners 2009 The Holms 2015 The Roberts
1998 The Smutnys 2004 The Crums 2010 Both LaBree Families 2016 The Messmers
1999 The Chanpmans 2005 The Fitzpatricks 2011 The Neisingers 2017 The Messmers
2000 The Smutnys 2006 The Graves 2012 The Gouys 2018 The Messmers


Handler of the Year
  This award is given to the person who you can always find around the track helping out others with their cars. Often this person can be found in the hot chute or in the pits even when they are not in the scheduled race!

1966 Phil O'Neal 1980 Bjorn Tonnessen 1993 Mike Evans 2007 Kevin Crum
1967 Al Ray 1981 Bruce Laughlin 1994 Dennis Powers 2008 Dane Ostman
1967 Jeff Jeffereson 1982 Corey Wolfe 1995 Rene White 2009 Derrick Holm
1969 Al Ray 1983 Stan Roberts 1996 Steve Glen 2010 Chad Hammer
1970 Jerry Vaughn 1984 Sam Bryce 1997 Kevin O'Bryan 2011 Danny Graves
1971 Larry Hensley 1985 Tom Arrington 1998 Dan Alseth 2012 Paul Woodske
1972 Bill Vickery 1985 Leonard Nordgren 1999 Darrald Carrey 2013 Scott Neisinger
1973 Roy Phillips 1986 Del Dorsey 2000 Skip Chapman 2014 Randy Geary
1974 Bill Knapp 1987 Sam Bryne 2001 Joe Spencer 2015 Grant Bennett
1975 Ed Moss 1988 Bob Hellier 2002 - 2016 Andy Honka
1976 Dennis Knacke 1989 Ken Hamlin 2003 Howard Beck 2017 Paul Wagar
1977 Ed Holme 1990 Bill Zimmerman 2004 Den Gardner 2018 Paul Wagar
1978 Bob Hanson 1991 Rene White 2005 Kevin Crum    
1979 Keith Aldridge 1992 Rene White 2006 Kevin Crum    


Mother of the Year
  The mother of the year goes the extra mile to participate in all WQMA activities! This individual in not only helping out their race team during a race event but volunteers countless hours throughout the season to help out with the many activities that go into making a race day possible.

1980Pam Wandler
1981Terri Tonnessen
1982Sandy Wolfe
1983Donna Nordgren
1984Terri Tonnessen
1985Sue Arrington
1986Charlotte Milotte
1987Karen Dove
1988Pat Draisey
1989Donna Hamlin
1990Vicki Zimmerman
1991Vicki Zimmerman
1992Patti Taylor
1993Sue Powers
1993Kim Stiles
1994Laura White
1995Susan Powers
1996Annette Thornhill
1997Vicky O'Briyan
1998Vicky O'Briyan
1999Carla Heath
2000Carla Heath
2001Carla Heath
2002Jean Sinner
2003Diana Goetz
2004Kerri Broullett
2005Laura Clark
2006Debbie McGeehan
2007Debby Van kopp
2007LeAnne Edison
2008Diana Graves
2009Karri LaBree
2010Jamie Loonam
2011Tina LaBree
2012Marilyn Loftus
2013Tonya Neisinger
2014Kendra Conley
2015Emily Kao Messmer
2016Michelle Gjerness
2017Marilyn Loftus
2018Kim Lang


Outstanding Service Award (Volunteer of the Year)
  Vince Barnett first associated with WQMA when the track was near Paine Field. He did not have a driver but loved to see the kids race and volunteered to help. He was very modest and enjoyed helping. He continued to help when the track moved to its present location. Throughout the season he would mow the grass and keep the scale house organized. Every Race Day he would be in the Scale House checking weight and marking tires, all for the love of the sport. This award was created in his honor and given to him until he retired in 2012. The person who best embodies this award volunteers without hesitation to help keep the program running with all the best intentions.

2008Vince Barnett
2009Vince Barnett
2010Vince Barnett
2011Vince Barnett
2012DuWayne Brave
2013Pam & Danny Johnson
2014Joy Oldham
2015John Daniel
2015Michelle Fox
2016John Daniel
2016Michelle Fox
2017Andy Honka
2018John Daniel


WQMA Presidents Award
1968 Al Ray 1981 Bruce Laughlin 1995 Bill Stiles 2009 John Abenroth
1969 Chuck Craig 1982 Jack Wolfe Sr. 1996 Dennis Powers 2010 John Abenroth
1970 Al Ray & Al Lindekll 1983 Len Norgren 1997 Annette Thornhill 2011 John Abenroth
1971 Larry Hensley 1984 Bjorn Tonnessen 1998 Annette Thornhill 2012 Rick Roberts
1972 Jim Spencer 1985 Sam Bryce 1999 Keith Aldrich 2013 Rick Roberts
1973 Mike Deymonaz 1986 Bob Millette 2000 Denise Smutny 2014 Rick Roberts
1974 Dale Hasselberg  1987 Ray Dove 2001 Denise Smutny 2015 Rick Roberts
1974 Jim Warren 1988 Bill Lloyd 2002 Denise Smutny 2016 Bill Messmer
1975 Bill Knapp 1989 Donna Hamlin 2003 Ken Blockman 2017 Bill Messmer
1976 Russ Maxson 1990 Bob Hillier 2004 Ed Spencer 2018 Mark Schwarz
1977 Dennis Kracke 1991 Jim Eby 2005 Ed Spencer    
1978 Jack Wolfe Sr. 1992 Jim Eby 2006 Ed Spencer    
1979 Ed Moss 1993 Jim Eby 2007 Troy Van Kopp    
1980 Walt Feeney 1994 Jim Eby 2008 Eric Jacobson    

Historical Points (throwouts removed)

  Jr. Novice Lt. 160 Mod Jr. Stock
  Sr. Novice Hvy. 160 Lt. WF  
  Jr. Honda Jr. Animal Hvy. WF  
  Sr. Honda Sr. Animal Half  
  Hvy. Honda Hvy. Animal B  
  Jr. Novice Lt. 160 Mod Jr. Stock
  Sr. Novice Hvy. 160 Lt. WF  
  Jr. Honda Jr. Animal Hvy. WF  
  Sr. Honda Sr. Animal Half  
  Hvy. Honda Hvy. Animal B