WQMA Ride Day

The Washington Quarter Midget Association hosts an annual Ride Day event, typically in May.  This is an opportunity to bring your child (ages 5 to 15) and let her experience laps in a specially prepared Quarter Midget Race Car, under the supervision of our driver trainers. We provide all of the necessary safety gear and instruction by our driver training staff.  Each driver is introduced to the audience as he takes to the track for his big moment experiencing a real race car!  

Quarter Midget racing is a family sport founded over 50 years ago and dedicated to safety, sportsmanship and fun.  The track is located ½ mile west of the Evergreen State Fairgrounds on Highway 2.  If you have any questions please email us at: Vicepresident@wqma.com.

Washington Quarter Midget Association Ride Day FAQ’s

Do I need to sign up in advance?
No, the event is first come, first served. 

What does it cost?

What does my child need to wear/bring?
Dress warmly and wear lightweight shoes.  No boots or open-toed shoes!  No Shorts!  Bring a change of clothes in case of rain.  We’ll Supply:  A car, expert supervision, and safety equipment which includes a helmet, gloves, neck collar, jacket and wrist restraints.

A five year old in a race car… Are you nuts?
It can be intimidating for a young child to put on all the safety equipment and get strapped into a race car. However, they can really surprise you.  Although it can be intimidating, pretty much every kid ends up really liking it.  We disconnect the throttle on the cars so the kids are just idling around the track; but as you can imagine, that can still be a major thrill for young kids.  Additionally, injuries are rare in Quarter Midget racing.  We have full role cages, five point restraints, and extensive safety equipment to ensure the kids are safe.

We will not rush the kids into the cars.  Everyone at the event has experience with kids racing and fully understands that a young child cannot be rushed into the experience.  Every child will have a different level of comfort getting into the cars.  If you sign up your child and he/she isn’t ready when it comes time for their turn, we will give them more time and let another child go.

Where is the track?
Track Location:  17405 SR2, Monroe, Washington, 98272.  This is directly west of the Evergreen State Fairgrounds. See our Directions page, or click here to see a map of the track location.

Can I bring my girls?
Absolutely, many of our best drivers are girls!

Is this only open for folks who have taken the training before?
No, This event is designed for children that have never driven before.  For this event the cars throttle is disconnected so all they do is idle around the track so the speeds are minimal.  This is an introduction for the kids to see if going through the training and racing is something they would be interested in.

What is the likelihood of a kid who has never been in this type of a car before would be able to do this safely?
Every kid responds differently as you would expect to getting into the car and driving.  The throttle is disconnected so they only idle around the track and there is only one car on the track at a time for this event.  The sport is actually much safer than you would expect.  The initial fear is the biggest obstacle for most kids; it can be intimidating to get in a car with all the safety gear on.  After that all they have to do is steer the car and flip the switch to turn it on and off.

If I miss this event will there be other ride day events?
We only host one ride day event per year.  It is a full day event and we will do our best to make sure nobody gets turned away so try to stop by before/after if possible.  If you can’t make it you can always stop by the track on a race day to catch some of the action; click here to see our schedule.

Some other information on Quarter Midget Racing:
Unlike other youth sports, quarter midget racing is a complete family activity.  Dad typically acts as chief mechanic and mom helps with scoring or other race day activities.  The racing is exciting and provides an excellent framework to teach important life lessons in sportsmanship,  self-confidence, responsibility, and teamwork. 

Join us for Ride Day and see what we are all about!!

Safety requires all children that are participating wear jeans (or other sturdy pants) and closed-toe shoes: no sandals.   WQMA/QMA Safety waiver must be signed by parent or guardian.