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WQMA Board Meeting Friday, February 10th, 5:30 p.m. at Alfy's in Monroe

WQMA Club Meeting Friday, February 10th, 7:00 p.m. at Alfy's in Monroe - Format Meeting

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WQMA Swap Meet February 11th, 10 - 1
Drivers Club Bubble Soccer February 11th, 2:00 - more information coming soon!

WQMA's Second Annual Winter Race Series!

Fuel: Shell Station Under Contruction
The Shell station is currently closed for construction. For the winter race series, please use mid-grade fuel
from the Arco Station (across Hwy 2): 13739 Roosevelt Rd., Monroe, WA 98272.

Drivers' Club

December Fundraiser: Matthew House Toy Delivery

Matthew House is an organization dedicated to assisting children and the families of people incarcerated in Washington’s prisons. We collected gifts so these kids have something to open on Christmas! 

See our Drivers' Club page for
more fundraisers & events!



November Fundraiser: Sky Valley Food Bank

Thanks for your donations!  We collected $82 for the food bank and delivered 160 lbs of food!


Congratulations to our Season Champions and Perpetual Award Winners!
  Season Champions:
Jr Honda 1st:  Megan Roberts   Hvy 160 1st:  Dario Retych   Lt World Formula 1st:  Tyler Conley
  2nd:  Braeden Wagar     2nd:  Tyler Conley     2nd:  Caleb Grantham
  3rd:  Kyle Lang     3rd:  Bryce Bezanson     3rd:  Bryce Bezanson
  4th:  Levi Hillier     4th:  AJ Loftus     4th:  Breanna Brostrom
Sr. Honda 1st:  Dominic Carter   Jr Animal 1st:  Braeden Wagar   Hvy World Formula 1st:  Dario Retych
  2nd:  Ty Smith     2nd:  Megan Roberts     2nd:  AJ Loftus
  3rd:  Aidan Messmer     3rd:  Linkin Currie     3rd:  Chase Pittman
  4th:  Zoey Tupper     4th:  Kyle Lang     4th:  Cameron Iverson
Lt 160 1st:  Matthew Roberts   Sr Animal 1st:  Matthew Roberts             Half 1st:  Dario Retych
  2nd:  Dominic Carter     2nd:  Riley Ruddell        
  3rd:  Caleb Grantham     3rd:  Kiera Zylstra        
  4th:  Jacob Brostrom     4th:  Samantha Schwarz        


Perpetual Awards:
Family of the Year: The Messmers   Volunteers of the Year: John Daniel
Handler of the Year: Andy Honka     Michelle Fox
Mother of the Year: Michelle Gjerness   President's Award: Bill Messmer
Most Improved Driver: Aidan Messmer   Junior Rookie of the Year: Madelyn Grantham
Hard Luck Driver: Matthew Jenkins   Senior Rookie of the Year: Ian Watson
Sportsmanship Driver: Royce Fleischaker      


WQMA is now a listed charity for Amazon purchases.  If you shop on Amazon, click on this link.  Log on and specify WQMA as your charitable organization, then replace your Amazon bookmark with an AmazonSmile bookmark and a portion of your purchase will be donated to WQMA at no charge to you!

QMA Promotional Video WQMA Inducted: Northsound Racing Hall of Fame!

Please note: QMA badges will be required in the hot chute at all club races (and region races).  Persons without badges will be required to prove membership, or will be asked to stand outside the hot chute with the other spectators.

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